At Local 215, we’re committed to sourcing as many ingredients locally as we can while still providing you with high quality affordable food options year round. It is our mission to extend only the freshest, most natural and unprocessed foods to our customers. Buying from local farmers not only makes our dishes delicious; it also supports our neighbors’ livelihoods.  We see fostering local businesses as a cooperative responsibility, not only for our community, but for our environment as well.  This dedication to great food and good business is the core of our philosophy and it give us great joy to supprt the farmers that are growing amazing nutirous food using sustainable practices.

We partner with some great companies like Zone 7 farm fresh to connect us with some incredible farms in our area, find a list of some of those farms below.

Additionally, we source some items directly from farmers and grow some of our own vegetables, greens & herbs. We also helped start GreenFlash Farms in Hopewell NJ and are super excited to be using veggeis, mushrooms, herbs, flower and pork grown on the farm we work at and helped concieve, with all the deliciousness thoughtfully tended by our dearest friends and talented young farmers: Cory and Elisha. 

So give us a holler to talk about the menu for your event!

Greenflash Farms


Heritage Farms

Double Brook

Castle Valley Mills

Little Buck

Tuscarora Organics

Oasis bird in Hand

Cherry Grove Farms


Blue Acres 

Saturn Farms

Gehman Family

Blooming Glen Farms

Davids Wild


Beechwood Organics